The Phantom 52 (2019)

7:30 Minutes

writter/director/editor/producer/lead animator: Geoff Marslett
executive producer: Warren Etheredge

Starring Tom Skerritt as The Phantom


Loneliness: a trucker who calls out on his CB radio waiting for a reply that never comes. A ghost that haunts the deserted highways. A whale that sings at a frequency no other whale can even hear.


Coming soon.

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Additional Credits

additional animators:
Kylie Caraway
Dylan Carter
Shunsaku Hayashi
Nic Koller
Connor Murphy
Evan Josephine Meyer
Jason Thomas

sound design and mixing by:
Robert Kellough

disembodied trucker voices:
Talia Arvizo
Trieste Kelly Dunn
Paul Gordon
Howe Gelb
Jon Dee Graham
James Kochalka

additional disembodied trucker voices:
Matthew Lillard
Geoff Marslett
Gianni Matragrano
Frank Mosley
Xuan Nguyen
Chip Persons
Noel Wells

music by:
Joe West

reference cinematography by:
Amy Bench
Geoff Marslett

animation photography by:
Geoff Marslett

sound recording by:
Clatter & Din, INC.

animation reference actors:
Antonio Jeffries
Geoff Marslett
Johnny Morris

special thanks:
Aron Campisano
Cindy and Charles Marslett
Lauren Modery
University of Texas Radio Televison Film
University of Colorado Cinema Studies and Moving Image Arts
Carnegie Mellon School of Drama